My Desire System Review – The TRUTH About Dr David’s System!!!

Hi and welcome to my review of Dr. David Desire System. I created this website because I am sick and tired of all the lame dating advice I keep reading on the Internet and I wanted to get the word out about this particular program because I think it is truly head and shoulders above anything else out there right now…

Frankly, I think it’s bullshit that there are so many relationship gurus, and huge dorks like Dr. Phil who are trying to give guys advice when they probably aren’t getting any decent looking chicks themselves!

You can skip below a little but if you want to get right into the review – but I just wanted to include this little section to let you know that I know firsthand exactly what it’s like to go for years without getting laid at all, even by ugly chicks, and just spending all my time on adult sites, sitting around my apartment being depressed and thinking about my ex-girlfriend.

It’s a depressing thing to think about, but this is why when I saw the video about the desire system I knew that I had to try it out, because my story was so similar to that guy’s… (Except luckily I never had to wait tables in an Applebee’s, that poor bastard, that’s gotta suck.)

Anyhow, I had also tried a lot of different “methods” to attract women and get them to want my body, but in practice what happened was I just revert back to my old behaviors that turned women off, and I pretty much gave up on my dream of ever getting a hot woman into my bed.

Enter The Desire System…

The Desire System was created by a guy named David who is a doctor and dating coach in Singapore, which I just checked the map, is in Malaysia way over there in the Far East. Now I know what you might be thinking, a lot of Asian dudes are kinda geeky and not that smooth with the ladies, but when you see this guy in action you will be convinced that he is one smooth operator.

In fact, he is really like the only dating coach I’ve ever seen or one out of maybe just a couple who look like they actually get a lot of bona fide sexy women.

The product itself is actually a recording of a closed-door seminar that David  held for a small group of his students in Singapore, and because David has supposedly stop teaching this curriculum, these recordings are the only place that you can actually learn these methods. And this is nothing like what any other dating coach or weirdo PUA dude is teaching.

Watch the Video here:


What I like about The Desire System:

The best thing about this program is that it focuses on the most important thing for getting laid, which is making girls horny. I know, that may sound obvious, but nothing else I’ve ever seen or read ever really explained the science behind getting a girl to feel the emotions of horniness.

And it’s not like all you get is an explanation, you get step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to be doing from the moment you lay eyes on her to get her into that horny state where she just wants you.

This is great, because it bypasses the need to do all the stupid junk you might think you need to do like telling her long stories about how cool you are or any of that shit. Instead you just turn her on, and get her actually touching you and putting the moves on you.

If you’ve never been out a bar and had a girl to start rubbing your chest and looking at you like she wants you to take her in the bathroom, then that this is definitely something that you do experience for yourself.

I also like that it’s not like to watch 20 hours of video, over and over again to learn the stuff. You could literally go through the most important parts of the course after work and they go right out to the bar or wherever and use it on the first girl you see that same day.

There are some other cool bonuses that come with this but you can read about them in more detail here, if you are interested…

My recommendation on The Desire System:

If you are a guy who is sick of not getting laid by the girls you want, then you have to try this out for yourself and see what happens.

The investment is basically nothing, and besides that it’s guaranteed to work for you, so there’s really no reason not to learn this stuff and start using it on the girls you’ve been lusting after…

I understand skepticism, but at the same time I don’t want you to give up on your dream of banging that one beautiful woman you dreamed about your whole life!

Don’t give up man – Get The Desire System Now and live your dream!

click here to get the program, without watching the video….